Tibet Travel from China

At present, some travelers are confused by a question that how to travel to Tibet from China. Because they have little information and knowledge about Tibet tours from China, traveling to Tibet seems like a big problem. According to our rich experience and practice, we have collected some information about having a Tibet travel from China.

Compared with traveling to Tibet from Nepal, traveling to Tibet from China is a little different. But there is still something in common. International tourists are able to travel to Tibet from China on the condition that they have joined a tour group organized by the tour agency. With the help of the tour agency, travelers can enter Tibet. Without the Tibet Travel Permit, the private vehicle, and the tour guide, travelers cannot have a Tibet tour. And these things can only be arranged by the tour guide. The application of the Tibet Travel Permit takes travelers tens of days. You need to book your tour agency in advance.

Traveling to Tibet must join a tour group. There are two kinds of groups. The one is the private Tibet tour group, and the other is the small Tibet tour group. Joining a small Tibet tour group can reduce the costs of the food, accommodation, and vehicles, which is suit for the budget Tibet tourists.

Tibet Travel from China by Train

Built on the frozen soil, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway is an engineering wonder in the world. The whole length of the railway is about 1972 kilometers, and it was opened in July 2006. Taking the Tibet train is a wonderful journey for travelers because you can enjoy the unique views of the Tibetan Plateau. On the roof the world, you can see many strong yaks running on the grassland, eagles circling around the sky, and pilgrims praying on the road. Besides that, taking Tibet train is the best way to adapt to the high altitude sickness. Nowadays, the Tibet train has equipped with oxygen facility for travelers who feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry about the safety problems in Tibet train because the police always walk around in the train.

In most Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Lanzhou, and Xining, the train connects these places with Tibet directly.

Tibet Travel from China by Air

Apart from the Tibet train, travelers can arrive in Tibet by air, which is the most convenient way. Travelers can take flights to Tibet from most Chinese cities like Chengdu, Beijing, Xining, Lanzhou, Chongqing, and Xi’an. Among those gateways, Chengdu is the most popular one because of the maximum flights. In the peak season, the number of the daily flights is about twelve. When you arrive in Chengdu, you can have a day tour of the zoo. The lovely pandas are waiting for you. Don’t forget your Tibet Travel Permit before boarding the airplane.

Tibet Travel from China by Overland

In the past, travelers could enter Tibet from Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, but not now. At present, you can only enter Tibet from Qinghai by overland. Travelers can follow the Tibet train route by cycling or driving. But the cost of this way is very expensive. If you want to have a budget Tibet tour, you’d better take the train instead of driving.

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