Tibet Travel Time

No matter you want to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery or explore the belief, you should have a lifetime journey in Tibet. But there is an important question you should pay attention: what is the best time for travelers to travel to Tibet? There are lots of answers posted on the Internet. Someone says that the peak tourism season is the best time, while some people hold the view that the slack tourism season is the best Tibet tour time. So what is the best tour time indeed? Here, I’d like to share my opinions with you. According to my travel experience, April, May, and June are the best three months for tourists to go to Tibet.

In fact, June, July, and August are the peak tourism season for Tibetan tourism, and the scenery in those months are the most attractive. Therefore, there are lots of visitors from different countries will head to Tibet during this period. So you won’t have the best experience of your Tibet tour. If I plan to have a journey in Tibet, I’d like to get to Tibet in April, May or June, especially in April and May.

During this time, you can have a close contact with Tibetan traditional customs and cultures, enjoy the grand high mountains, run on the boundless grassland, and have a cup of Tibetan sweet tea. In order to help know more about travel time in different prefectures, here is the best tour time list.

Nyingchi Prefecture

March to October is the best travel time. If you travel to Nyingchi from May to October, you will enjoy the charming peach flowers. Wandering in the dense flowers, you may have an illusion that you are having a tour in Jiangnan. In order to adapt to the high altitude sickness, you’d better get to Nyingchi firstly.

Shigatse Prefecture

April to October is the best travel time. Mt Everest is the most attractive place in Shigatse Prefecture, and the best time to explore the beauty of Mt Everest is in May and June.


May, June, and September are the best travel time. If you travel to Chamdo, you will have a chance to enjoy the special Danxia landform. With traditional Tibetan houses dotted on the red soil, colorful prayer flags hanging on the high mountains, you must be stunned by the unique Tibetan scenery. The roads in Chamdo will be blocked by the heavy snows if you get to Chamdo in other months.

Nagqu Prefecture

May to September is the best travel time. The grassland in this period is green and fertile. The famous Nagqu Horse Racing Festival is also held in this period, and you will have a grand visual feast if you travel to Nagqu in this period.


June to August is the best travel time. There are lots of Tibetan cultural relics in Shannan. Here, you can experience the original Tibetan culture and customs. The highest temper during this period is about twenty degrees, very comfortable.


June to September is the best travel time. Besides the attractive scenery during this period, the oxygen content is the highest.

Ngari Prefecture

July to September is the best travel time. If you get to Ngari in other months, you may be blocked by the heavy snows or rains.

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