Train from Shanghai to Lhasa

Shanghai is regarded as the first station to China for many foreign travelers. Every day, there is a train from Shanghai to Lhasa. After a long distance journey of 4370 kilometers, through a long train journey, there are many things along the railway such as beautiful towns, and amazing Tibetan Plateau. On Oct 1, 2006, Qinghai-Tibet Railway was put into use, Shanghai is one of the three earliest cities that are connected with the holy city Lhasa. For the train tour from Shanghai to Lhasa is an unusual journey. It’s a wonderful way to view the vastness and beauty of China.

Why is the Shanghai-Lhasa train recommended?

1.Whether you choose the route from Shanghai to Lhasa or Lhasa to Shanghai, Shanghai is an ideal city for you to arrive and departure, because there are many international flights and connecting routes all over the world.

2.Train Shanghai to Lhasa is guaranteed to be a daily train. You don’t have to wait a day.

Shanghai Lhasa Train Ticket Price and Schedule

Train No. From / To Dep. / Arr. Duration Frequency Hard sleeper Ticket
Z164 Shanghai/Lhasa 20:10/19:17 47:07 Daily CNY793.5
Z166 Lhasa/Shanghai 11:15/11:51 48:36 Daily CNY793.5

The main attractions along the Shanghai-Lhasa railway are the highlight of the train entering Golmud which located on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway in the Tibet. From Xining to Lhasa, this is a miracle that Chinese people have done here. The train was winding up the hill and switching back and forth. I mean the mountain. We from 2000 meters (6000 feet) up to 5100 meters (15300 feet), which is the highest altitude reached when the train across the Tanggula, where you can see amazing glaciers on the train. The great project is built on the permafrost. How can they prevent the movement of the rails without causing the thawing of the permafrost? This is amazing! The train is a great adventure. This is a well modern operation which works like a small city of your own”, and it’s a great way to see the vast beauty of China.Z164, as one of the earliest three railway lines in Tibet, connects Shanghai and Lhasa. The railway line covers 8 provinces of the eastern and western parts of China, with a total of 4373 kilometers. It takes 47.34 hours to arrive in Lhasa from Shanghai. When the train runs in the mountains, the conductors in the train will introduce famous scenic spots along the way, as well as Tibet customs and Tibetan cuisine.

Train from Shanghai to Lhasa or Lhasa to Shanghai, which one do you prefer?

In fact, both are great ideas. According to our customer history, a great number of passengers choose to take a train from Shanghai to Lhasa. From the perspective of landscape tourism, the train journey from Shanghai to Lhasa will be more beautiful, because you can enjoy most beautiful sections of Qinghai-Tibet railway to Lhasa during the daytime. If you want to finish the trip to Tibet and enjoy the leisurely and fast air traffic, you can take the train from Shanghai to Tibet first.

Most cities can be seen when you take a train from Shanghai to Lhasa


It is a symbol of modernization, financial center, and multiculturalism. It is one of the most prosperous cities in China, and it is also a must for tourism in China. In addition to the role of the metropolis, the traditional south-east waterways also harmoniously integrate into the surrounding areas. You can find modern and traditional features in this city.


The Lhasa train in Shanghai usually stops for 6 to 9 minutes at the Nanjing Railway Station. Nanjing, once the capital of the Six Dynasties in China, has a splendid cultural heritage. It is only 2 hours from Shanghai. It is famous for Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s mausoleum, Confucius temple, the Qinhuai River, and Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge.


Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, is an ancient city with a history of more than 3000 years. It is located near the Yellow River. The most popular place in Zhengzhou is the world-famous Shaolin Temple. The train stays in Zhengzhou for 7 to 8 minutes.


After 15 hours of train travel, you will arrive in Xi’an, the most magnificent ancient capital of China. Though you can’t get off to visit the world’s famous site, Qin Shihuang Terracotta Army, which is about an hour’s drive from Xi’an, but you can still feel the historical atmosphere of this ancient city. The train usually stops at the XiAn Railway Station for 10 minutes.


Lanzhou is the city around the Yellow River. The train from Shanghai to Lhasa will stop at the Xining Railway Station for 15 minutes. You can use the pause time to stretch and get the food supply when necessary.


Xining is the starting point of the Qinghai-Tibet railway. At present, all the Tibet trains in China must go through Xining. Qinghai Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in China. If you take a train from Lhasa to Shanghai, you can see the edge of the lake clearly. From Shanghai to Lhasa, you could not see the lake because it was the night of the train passing through the Qinghai Lake.


The train usually stays at the Golmud Railway Station for 25 minutes.


Nagqu is a vast area in Tibet with an average elevation of 4500 meters. This is the most important livestock area in Tibet. The train from Shanghai to Lhasa stops here for 18 minutes.

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